4 Interesting Facts About Google That You Should Know


Some interesting facts about Google you should know! Google has controlled the internet for a while now, and although the tech giant is up against stiff competition like Facebook, it has remained consistent with its numbers. As a result, Google’s popularity across the globe has diminished since it gained mainstream status, and other companies have tried to implement similar tactics in an attempt to gain the same success.


You might assume there’s nothing new to learn about a well-known company like Google, however, we have found the opposite to be true. Google has done so much in such a small amount of time, that it’s nearly impossible to track every move they have made. This is why TechJury went to great lengths to compile a thorough infographic that highlights amazing facts about Google that you might not have heard about. Some of the interesting facts about Google have been covered here.


4 Interesting Facts About Google That You Would Love To Know

1. Google Purchased a Social Network Site, Then Shut It Down

It’s not exactly news that Google hasn’t had a successful run in social networking, even though they did invest resources into social media platforms at times. As a matter of fact, they bought a social network site, Orkut, and then eventually shut it down in 2014. Unlike Google, Facebook has proved time and time again that it is the king of social media and this has helped it challenge Google for the digital advertising top spot.

2. Google’s Ranking Algorithm Considers 200 Factors in Less Than a Second

Have you ever wondered how Google’s search engine efficiently compiles relevant search results in less than a second? In practice, the algorithm takes into consideration 200 factors when picking out results and ranking them according to relevance. This is why they remain the most effective tool to search the internet with.


3. Google Rules the Desktop Market Share

As expected, Google continued to top the desktop market share in 2018 as it controls a staggering 86.28% of the market. Interestingly enough, Bing, which took second place controls only 6.49% of the market.


4. Google’s Self-Driving Car Already Has a Range of 100 Miles

Google’s foray into the automotive industry is yielding results and its driverless car has already covered 100 miles.


Get yourself updated on more of Google’s amazing achievements in the infographic below.

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