AI Platform: Google’s Tool For Data Scientists

AI Platform is Google’s model-making tool for data Scientists

Artificial Intelligence, AI Platform makes it simple for AI designers, information researchers(data scientists), and information architects to take their ML ventures from ideation to generation and sending, rapidly and cost-adequately.

Google announced about the AI Platform on the second day of its annual Cloud Next Conference.

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What Google Says:

From data engineering to “no lock-in” flexibility, AI Platform’s integrated tool chain helps you build and run your own machine learning applications.

It provides a platform to data scientists and ML researchers an end-to-end service for building, testing and deploying their own models. It supports  Kubeflow, Google’s open-source platform, which lets you manufacture versatile ML pipelines that you can keep running on-premises or on Google Cloud without critical code changes.

You will also have the access to  Google’s another AI innovations like TensorFlow, TPUs, and TFX devices as you deploy your AI applications to creation.

What you can do with AI Platform:

  • Use Cloud Storage or BigQuery to store your data.
  • Build your ML applications on GCP with a managed Jupyter Notebook service that provides fully configured environments for different ML frameworks using Deep Learning VM Image.
  • Manage your models, experiments, and end-to-end workflows using the AI Platform interface within the GCP console, or do so on-premises using Kubeflow Pipelines.
  • Discover ML pipelines, notebooks, and other AI content via AI Hub and leverage Kubeflow Pipelines to build reusable end-to-end ML pipelines that you can share with other users and deploy on GCP or on-premises.

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“The AI Platform is this place where, if you are taking this terrifying journey from a journeyman idea of how you can use AI in your enterprise, all the way through launch and a safe, reliable deployment, the AI Platform help you move between each of these stages in a safe way so that you can start with exploratory data analysis, start to build models using your data scientists, decide that you want to use this specific model, and then with essentially one click be able to deploy it,” a Google spokesperson said during a press conference ahead of today’s official announcement.


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You can also learn AI online with Google AI Certification for free. Check out this post to learn about Machine Learning Crash Course(MLCC). 



Source: Google AI Platform


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