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Nvidia GauGAN: Tool to build masterpiece!


Turn Doodles to realistic art with Nvidia GauGAN

Nvidia GauGAN can turn boring doodles to master art

We all know about doodles. Doodling during a boring lecture or doodling a scenery containing mountain with a river crossing by. Wouldn’t it be so cool if you could turn those boring doodles into breathtaking scenery? All of this is possible now. Thanks to Nvidia (same Nvidia whose GPU may be sitting inside your cabinet).

Nvidia has just teased a video of Nvidia GauGAN – A software based on Nvidia’s deep learning and AI research.

According to Nvidia- “GauGAN turns rough doodles into photorealistic masterpieces with breathtaking ease. The tool uses generative adversarial networks to convert segmentation maps into lifelike images.”

This software also has a feature called ‘Smart Paintbrush’ that can fill in the details inside rough segmentation maps, the high-level outlines that show the location of objects in a scene.


How it works and looks like?

We all have seen various breathtaking sceneries made by some excellent artists but for the first time, your computer would be able to repeat the same fate. According to Nvidia, the software has been trained with millions of real-life image, deep learning models just do the work according to your choice with ease.

Nvidia GauGAN: Tool to build masterpiece!_post_image(1)|DigiCodeWare
Turn your Doodle into Realistic art with Nvidia GauGAN

Coming to the UI of the software it looks simple, minimal and looks user-friendly as well. According to some videos posted online by Nvidia and other authors as well, the software windows has two sides. One side is where you doodle and one side is where you see the magic happening. It has various buttons below these windows for tools and scenery enhancement.

For example, start making a doodle by drawing an ink blot in the shape of a mountain and then it will be converted to a real mountain. Try making a waterfall by pen tool in blue color. You will see a real waterfall in the processed image. Isn’t it cool? You can even change the color of the grass to white. It will get converted to snow and software’s AI will also process the sky to get real winter scenery.


How can you get it?

Nvidia GauGAN is still under development (not beta) and is closed for public use. The tech giant hasn’t revealed any other details regarding this software. Although Nvidia is conducting GTC 2019 in San Jose from March 23 to March 26.  It will also feature Nvidia GauGAN’s public display. That is you can try this cool software at the conference.

When will the software release? What will be its price? What are the required specifications to run this software? These are some of the questions we all want to get answers for! The tech giant is still silent for these details. All we can do is wait or visit GTC 2019.



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