Google Play Family Library: Your Family Manager


Google Play Family Library is a great feature introduced by the tech giant, Google, last year. The app allows you to share the content from any part of Google Play, say Google Music, Google Movies, Google Books, etc. with your family members.

Now, everyone in your family can buy and share whatever they want using a single account. There’s no need to add that account to every phone/tablet since the Google Play Family Library provides this feature.


Google Play Family Library To Connect Your Family

Google Play Family Library: Your Family Manager_post_image(1)|DigiCodeWarePicture courtesy: theguardian

If you’re creating the family group, you’re the family manager. You can invite up to 5 members to join your family group. You can also remove people from your family group, or delete the family group.

Once the family group is setup via an Android device, a family can share purchases with each other. There can be one payment method used for separate Google accounts.


What does Google say About This?

Raj Iyengar, product manager for Google Play, said:

“With Family Library, you can choose which items you want to share and which to keep to yourself – for example, I’ll probably keep my collection of comic books in my personal library.

“When you sign up, you’ll select a credit card to share as your family payment method, but your family members will always have the option of buying stuff with their personal credit cards or gift cards.”

Countries Using Google Play Family Library

Google Play Family Library was successfully running in the countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.



Picture courtesy: AndroidPolice


As revealed by AndroidPolice, some Android users in India have seen the Google Play Family Library feature. The feature exists under the Account section of Google Play. As a matter of course, the gives you a chance to share all the purchased movies and TV shows, however, it does exclude rentals or any music purchases. The collection of books for sharing is additionally at presently limited.




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