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AMD 7nm GPU: New Era In Computing World


It’s not even a month since the launch of Nvidia’s RTX series which is 12nm process based GPUs and now its biggest rival AMD is back with a bolder and newer form. AMD’s CEO Dr. Lisa Su on 1 September 2018 announced the launch of its next GPU which is based on 7nm process. Yes! An overwhelming size of 7nm! That’s just incredibly small and dense. AMD 7nm GPU will not only be faster than its predecessor but also Nvidia RTX as it is still on 12nm.


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Using 7nm will enable AMD to pack billions of transistors resulting in faster and better graphics output. AMD is also planning to launch 7nm based CPU later in 2019 built on 2nd Gen x86 64-Bit core. The next-gen GPU is being manufactured by TSMC in Taiwan and is set to be on shelves by October 2018.

AMD in Computex in Taipei demonstrated a working sample of 7nm GPU chip and teased that these will be available for purchase later this year ahead of Nvidia. Based on an improved iteration of the Vega architecture which debuted last year, 7nm Vega is a beast just like its predecessor. The new GPU supports intrinsic AI instructions and features four HBM2 (High-Bandwidth Memory) 8GB stacks running across a 4096-bit memory interface for a total of 32GB vRAM.


AMD 7nm GPU: How Nvidia’s 12nm line up against the beast

Currently, AMD has not revealed its detailed specs but leaks and estimation suggest that new GPU chips will pack around 1 TB/s of memory bandwidth, higher clock speeds and also better power efficiency. Thanks to TSMC for its leading 7nm technology has made new GPUs less power hungry for a better performance unlike Nvidia-Samsung’s FINFET technology (which are great on performance and power consumption also). TSMC’s technology has enabled GPUs to attain a marvelous 20.9 TFLOPS of graphic compute (its rumored, again). If its true, then it will Vega GPU to be world’s first GPU to attain such high speed.

Roughly this detail puts AMD’s chip above Nvidia’s Turing chip in terms of performance and power consumption.

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The secret has not been disclosed yet!

CEO Dr. Su had confirmed at the same event in June that AMD will bring 7nm GPUs, although she did not provide any other details. This has led to the conflict that whether new chips will aim gamers, miners or any other application (for e.g: AI). The ‘Team Red’ is very alert keeping the secret of 7nm GPUs and if it is all cracked up to be, we might see them surprise us with another incredible creation.



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