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Play YouTube videos in the background on your smartphone

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[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ouTube has been and stays of the most grounded players in the field of video streaming sites. Furthermore, with the appearance of changed stages of technologies has effectively anchored a strong balance which has ensured that they have kept their hold. However there are a couple of deficiencies which the video-streaming giant is as yet dealing with tackling.

Tragically, when using YouTube on our smartphone, we have no option of minimizing the app when we get a notification. We have to close the window of the app to check out that notification. The other way we can do this is by making use of a YouTube Red subscription which is, unfortunately, not available in some countries yet.


Here is a guide that will tell you how to keep your videos playing in the background.


Note: In order to make sure this method works, you will need to make sure that you have a stable internet connection on your smartphone and Google Chrome installed on your phone as well.


For Android phone:


1) Access the Google Chrome app on your Android cell phone.


2) Enter ‘’ in your address bar


3) Tap on the vertical three-spots that is accessible in the upper right corner of the app to and afterward get to the Menu alternatives.


4) Click on ‘Request Desktop site’ and after that hold up till the page loads.


5) You will see a pop-up that will ask you as to whether you wish YouTube to send notifications to you. You will need to accept this if you wish to enable YouTube recordings to keep playing out of sight.


6) Select the video that you need to play and begin doing as such.


7) Minimize the app and after that you can continue the playback through the warning menu.


Ps. You can lock your phone also. It will still continue playing.
Playing YouTube video on lock screen


It is so simple doing it.

The Tips & Tricks category of our site will keep coming up with even a small trick to a lot more.


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