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How to Download Torrents on Android?


[dropcap]N[/dropcap]eed to download a torrent file but don’t have any desktop? No worries! You can Download Torrents on Android in a few minutes. There are several apps available on Play Store to do it. But we will tell you the best option available.


Using BitTorrent to Download Torrents on Android:

BitTorrent is a legal and trusted app from where you can download any torrent file on your android. But the first thing is to install BitTorrent. There are several BitTorrent apps available for Android, but we would suggest you stick to the Official BitTorrent app.

Download it simply from the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. Once installed, you’ll need to give permission to the app so it can access photos, media, and files.


Steps to download a torrent file. ( In this case, we are downloading a torrent file of 13 Reasons Why Season-2)

1.  At first, the torrent view will be empty. You need to search for a specific file of your choice. Click on the search icon located on the top right corner of the window and type the file name.


2. The search results for the file to be downloaded will open in a browser window. Select a link of your choice.

3. You will see a download option to download that file. Click on it and your file will automatically get downloaded in your BitTorrent app.

4. Done!


Note: BitTorrent is a legal app to download a torrent file. So you can download any file from here without any worries.
Tip: Even when downloading a file from a trusted source, it’s a good idea to have antivirus software on your phone or tablet. Wait until the file has downloaded before scanning. If it detects any problems, delete the download immediately. It’s simply not worth letting malware infect your phone.


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