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Fixed: “The link you followed has expired. Please try again.”


Its love when we upload a new theme on WordPress and the new theme brings a new look to our website. But sometimes we may face an error while uploading the new theme on WordPress. The issue like “The link you followed has expired. Please try again.” It makes us annoying as we try uploading it again and again. So here, we will give you a simple and perfect solution to this error.


The error is due to some misconfiguration of php settings. So we just need to make a little changes in the php.ini file and yes, the problem will be solved.


Make the following changes to the php.ini file:

max_execution_time   180

memory_limit   512M or your highest available

post_max_size  32M

upload_max_filesize   64M


And done! Try uploading your theme again on WordPress and it will be uploaded successfully.


Note: In case, you don’t know where your php.ini file is, here is the location of php.ini file in case of WAMPP.



We will keep posting more tricks or solutions to your errors related to WordPress, WAMPP, XAMPP. So just stay tuned with us!

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