Best Fitness Apps for Android Wear Smartwatches

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap] Fitness App can perform various functions such as allowing users to set fitness goals, tracking caloric intake, gathering workout ideas and much more. In this post, we will show you 5 Best Fitness Apps , just for Android Wear smartwatches, to see what each of them have to offer the gym enthusiast in you.


5 Best Fitness Apps list is here!

#1 FitHub

FitHub app is one of the leading fitness application that works with Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit, Moves, and more Android Wear gadgets. This application naturally screens your wellness routine and gives you day by day and week by week reports. The application likewise utilizes “Play Games” administrations to keep up accomplishments and in addition a leaderboard, and enables you to pick up “Diversions XP” for strolling.

Best for: Collecting fitness data from multiple devices, connecting with friends for sharing fitness plans


#2 Google Fit

Google Fit is the wellness application from the Android proprietor Google, is a continuous pointer for your exercises, runs, strolls and rides. This application records your speed, course, race and rise, rest time, weight and sustenance, create reports from the gathered information, and even help information synchronization from various bolstered applications.

Best for: Tracking fitness data, syncing fitness data from other such apps



#3 Runtastic

Runtastic application utilizes GPS to track your strolls and keeps running alongside separate, span, rise, cycling, strolling and running. It additionally computes the calories you burnt during exercises and helps with making and achieving exercise targets. The application accompanies a simple navigational interface, which lets you effectively swipe through the choices and achieve works rapidly.

Best for: Audio training, Enhanced fitness tracking using GPS, Playing music directly while doing workouts


#4 iFit Outside

iFit Outside accompanies an in-manufactured GPS tracker that consequently tracks your run precisely and productively. You can ascertain your advance by following your run time, heart rate, speed, height and separation to track details and make changes.

Best for: Tracking accurate data using GPS-tracking feature, Posting fitness summary on social networks


#5 Under Armour Record

Under Armor Record is a customized fitness application, to effortlessly track, dissect and share your wellness records. Considered as the world’s first informal organization for athletes and fitness experts. Under Armor Record permits building an online group with companions by playing exercise challenges inside the group.

Best for: Tracking different workout sessions, Creating online community of health-conscious friends


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