All new Discrete GPU by Intel coming in 2020


Move over AMD and Nvidia. Make way for Intel

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ow you guys may think its Intel coming with a new chip but here is the twist. Actually it is all new Discrete GPU by Intel. Intel is coming out with its discrete GPUs which is expected to release in 2020. After Intel acquired Raja Koduri last year from AMD who earlier worked as Radeon Technologies Group Leader in AMD, Intel now has focus on PC discrete gaming GPUs.

Raja Koduri

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First of all, what is Discrete GPU? Full form of GPU is Graphics Processing Unit. Discrete GPU is a graphic card which is standalone graphic card which is more powerful than a GPU which is integrated in motherboard or processor itself. Discrete GPU are generally used in gaming. It is also used in high performance PCs used for AI, and other intensive tasks.

Coming back to the topic, Intel on Tuesday, 12 June 2018 tweeted that they will be working on discrete GPUs which they will release by year 2020. Currently GPU market is dominated by its rivals, Nvidia and AMD, but now Intel also wants to get its share in GPU market.

Intel discrete GPU will be focusing in high end gaming, and also in big enterprises as well as AI which altogether means that its going to be a very high-end gaming GPU. It will be the second discrete GPU by Intel after Intel740 and Intel742 released back in 1998. They were not so popular (actually bad, maybe) because other vendors were using PCI  (Peripheral Component Interconnect) interface but Intel used AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) interface to popularize AGP but they failed to do so.


Pic courtesy: Google


Currently, Intel has teased everyone (of course gamers and geeks) about the release of GPU as they had just posted only a 10 word (maybe) long tweet stating that discrete GPU will be released by Intel only by 2020, which is quite far. Recently, Nvidia also stated that they are going to release new GPUs GTX 1180, GTX 2080 and others which may ship with GDDR6 memory (its different from DDR6). So we can expect GDDR6 or newer memory, newer PCI-E interface and lesser nm design in Intel GPUs.

I know 2020 is far and you are eager to know more about this new GPU but since Intel has not revealed anything so we can’t say or declare something and this means they are developing new GPU from scratch. Until then, sit back, relax, and game with Nvidia or AMD and (of course) wait for the upcoming GPU.



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