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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you have used PC in the last 20years, you must have used Windows XP operating system. The Windows XP edition has already gone a decade ago. But what if it comes with a new edition in 2018? You might be excited to know about this. Welcome to Windows XP 2018 Edition!

Windows XP 2018 Edition digicodewareA screenshot of Windows XP 2018 Edition

Keeping up a similar embodiment and creativity of Windows XP, Mr. Kamer, a Tech Youtuber has made the idea of the 2018 rendition of Windows XP. He doesn’t roll out any improvements to the shades of unique Windows XP yet dispensed with recurrent and outdated features. The recently launched Windows 10 has driven the reproduced variant.

Windows XP 2018 Edition is simply amazing!

The following updates gives a glimpse of this new concept:

  • Rectangular corners have been replaced by fine bend formed corners
  • Login Screen, Power menu, and taskbar is similar to the Windows 10
  • Start menu blends both XP and Windows 10 design including live tiles
  • A few modifications made in the mail app and file explorer
  • Timeline looks original yet modified way and a cartoon assistant also included in the redrafted version

Therefore, the background music, technical modifications, and editing together add up to a perfect imagined concept of Windows XP 2018. The video highlighting the idea had grabbed enough popularity worldwide.

Many of us still love to use Windows XP version. If this concept comes in real and officially, this operating system will probably take most of the systems. Let’s see whether the envisioned variant turn into the truth one day.

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