Next gen Exodus smartphone by HTC is here!

HHTC, the Taiwanese company just announced another bit of device by them. It reported on May 16,2018 at the Consensus 2018 blockchain gathering in New York. They said that its upcoming Exodus smartphone is grasping the universally adored tech popular expression.

What’s in Exodus?

The Exodus will support Bitcoin, Ethereum, and different cryptocurrencies, with an all inclusive wallet, secure equipment, and decentralized applications. It will be the first smartphone by a noteworthy brand which is devoted to blockchain encryption. To review, Switzerland-based startup Sirin Labs had recently claimed to have launched the world’s first blockchain-controlled smartphone called FINNEY.

According to HTC’s Exodus landing page, “Our vision is to expand the blockchain ecosystem by creating the world’s first phone dedicated to decentralized applications and security. With the release of the HTC Exodus we can now make this a reality.”

Phil Chen, the creator of the HTC Vive head helmet, is in charge of the new division of blockchain and cryptocurrencies at HTC. He will also be in charge of launching the Exodus smartphone initiative. With this, they are trying to offer quite certain arrangements inside a soaked market and where it is progressively confused to challenge.

The HTC Exodus will have its own universal wallet with hardware-based encryption, which according to HTC, will be one of a kind for every device since the objective is to have a secured device to work with cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications (DApps).


Pic courtesy: Google

Also, HTC wants to dispatch its own blockchain-based local system for all its Exodus smartphones, which will go about as hubs to encourage business and cryptocurrencies exchanges among the clients of these device.

There’s not really a lot of information about HTC Exodus. However, HTC is clearly targeting to make a splash as its numbers have shrunk in overall proportion to a declining smartphone market. Indeed, even with quickly expanding mindfulness and enthusiasm for the digital money space, be that as it may, it’s difficult to envision Exodus making a big deal about a splash.



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