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Opera Browser introduced with Chrome extensions

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Opera has released its all-new featured Opera Browser. Opera 55 Web Browser is a Chromium-based web browser with new features supported in it. It has come as a stable channel for Windows and other supported platforms. Check out some of the features of Opera Browser.


Some cool features of Opera 55 here.

The new layout of Settings page with a dark theme

It lets us customize basic features like Blocking adds, customizing wallpapers, appearances, etc. It provides advanced settings such as Opera’s VPN, Battery saver and a lot more.
You can use a Search bar located in the top right corner of the browser in order to search for something from the Settings.

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Opera Browser Settings

Easier access to your bookmarks

The bookmarks bar is by default ON in Opera 55. This will let you access your bookmarks anytime while browsing. You can edit or delete your bookmarks also accessible from the heart icon in the sidebar of Opera’s start page.


Better control of the pages you visit

Security Badges has been provided in the browser which lets you know about the security and page information pop-up of that specific page. All these are present in one place. It also offers shortcuts to the Opera’s Settings.

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Page Information


Easy Installation of Chrome Extensions

The most exciting feature is the easy way installation of Chrome extensions from the Chrome web store. You can easily see the Install Extension button when you visit the Chrome Web Store. This new feature has been added in order to increase the user experience.

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Chrome Extensions in Opera Browser


Want to try Opera 55?

Download Opera 55


Happy Browsing!


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