Write emails smartly using Smart Compose in Gmail_DigiCodeWare

Write emails smartly using Smart Compose in Gmail


Write emails smartly using Smart Compose in Gmail_DigiCodeWare

Have you ever wondered what if you can draft your emails easily? What if you write only one letter while composing a new mail and it itself suggests the whole sentence? This has been done by Smart Compose, a new feature in Gmail powered by Artificial Intelligence after its new update of April this year.

What Smart Compose will do?

Smart Compose in an extension of Gmail’s Smart Reply feature. Smart Compose will propose complete sentences inside the body of an email as you are composing. It will work in the background, and if you see a phrase pop up that you like, simply hit tab to choose it, and the content will auto-populate. Not only will this help save time when composing emails, Google says it will help lessen the possibility of you sending off something with a sentence grammar or spelling mistake (if that is an issue for you).

Smart Compose also recognizes context. For example, if it’s Friday, it might suggest closing out your message with “Have a great weekend!”

Smart ComposeSmart Compose by Gmail

Getting started

Before starting to use Smart Compose, we hope that you’re already aware of new featured Gmail update.

In case you don’t know, follow these steps to enable it:

  1. Go to Settings option in the right corner of your Gmail
  2. Click on Try the new Gmail
  3. And done!
Smart Composer new feature
Screenshot to try New Feature

Your Gmail look will change.


Note: In case you want to switch back to the previous version,

  1. Go to Settings in the right corner of your Gmail.
  2. Click Go back to classic Gmail
  3. And done.
Smart Compose
Screenshot to go back to previous version


Now, to start using Smart Compose, first you must enable it by yourself.

  1. Go to Settings option in the right corner of your Gmail
  2. In the General tab, scroll down to the Experimental Access option.
  3. Check this checkbox and done.
Smart Compose
Experimental Access Option


Now, close your browser and sign back into Gmail before using Smart Compose. If you don’t have the access right away, just keep patience. It will eventually show up.


It’s pretty good to use this feature since it can save our time a lot. And obviously, it’s simple to use.



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