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Google Duplex – An AI assistant


Google Duplex, a new AI assistant developed by Google can make all the phone calls on behalf of you. The company reviewed Google Duplex at the Mountain View organization’s I/O event.

Basically, Google’s AI team built a neural network capable of conducting real-world business over the telephone on behalf of a human. At the point when CEO Sundar Pichai debuted it in front of an audience, it was promptly obvious from the group’s response that it was the first “OMG moment” of the event.


What is Google Duplex?

Google Duplex is an innovation for directing normal conversations to complete “real-world” tasks via phone. The system makes the conversational experience as normal as could be expected under the circumstances, enabling individuals to talk typically, similar to they would to someone else, without adapting to a machine.


What it can do?

At the point when Google Duplex is made available in beta in summer, it can be utilized to finish three tasks: schedule a hair appointment, make reservations at a restaurant and get holiday hours of a business.

If the business you’ve requested that Google Assistant book a meeting with acknowledges online reservations, Assistant will utilize that to finish the task. Otherwise, Assistant/Duplex will call the business for your sake.

Duplex calling a restaurant:

Audio source: ai.googleblog.com

How to use it?

To use Google Duplex, the person will tell Google Assistant something along the lines of, “Call ABC restaurant and reserve a seat for six people Sunday night at 7.”

Starting there, Google Assistant and Google Duplex will put the call, converse with whoever picks up the telephone at the restaurant and add the arrangement to the person’s calendar when it’s done.

Enabling individuals to communicate with innovation as normally as they collaborate with each other has been a long-standing guarantee. Google Duplex makes a stride toward this path, making communication with innovation by means of characteristic discussion a reality situation. Maybe these innovation advances will at last add to an important in people’s experience in day-to-day interactions with computers.


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